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Beautiful Aging Gracefully Seniors (BAGS) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization dedicated to the care of senior and special need basset hounds. BAGS has supported several local rescues by providing individualized care for bassets that were unable to be kenneled, due to health, pregnancy or disposition. While some of the dogs in BAGS care are considered unadoptable, due to their special needs, others are looking for their forever home.
BAGS Basset Rescue
BAGS Basset RescueJune 23, 2022 at 1:10pm
BAGS is very grateful for your participation in the Lend A Paw Auction. THANK YOU! It helps so much with their care. There are lots of prescriptions, vet bills, and special foods.
The worst part is saying goodbye. Our Roscoe, who was a BAGS permanent foster with Tami Carmer for several years went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 8th. Roscoe was on many arthritis medications, and we tried so many combinations, had laser treatments and finally he just wasn't comfortable anymore and just couldn't move or eat. He had a serious heart issue too and was just tired from head to toe. We even tried a cheeseburger and the answer was no. That was the first time he said no to a burger! He came so far over the years and truly loved his life and his mom Tami Carmer. He never let Tami forget when it was time for treats (pills). Living with Tami since he was a stray, he finally was able to let his tough guy guard down and be mommy's boy with the prettiest eyes that went to your soul. These are the hardest days.
CJ my big red boy, joined Roscoe yesterday. Saturday night we took him to the ER for a gastro issue, making certain he wasn't bloating. To my shock, tests revealed he had a large mass in his abdomen, a splenic mass, likely the dreaded hemangiosarcoma and it was taking up sooo much room. We decided to bring him home with meds and I would consult with my vet. He was doing much better Sunday, so that gave us hope he had some time. Yesterday, he had no strength and an ultrasound showed the mass split open and he was full of blood. I saw for myself how big it was and how unfair it wouldn't been to put him through surgery and not be able to remove everything only to give him a very small amount of additional time if he survived the surgery. CJ always wanted to eat in the bathroom. He always went in and closed the door when he thought he needed to eat. He was very funny. He was our gentle giant. I'll miss everything about him. He stole my comforter every night and turned himself into a burrito with it. He's the longest and biggest boy with bigfoot paws my vet ever saw, topping at 99 pounds of smooshy love. CJ has seen so many of his friends leave us, I know they must be having a grand reunion.
Our hearts are broken and many tears are being shed. We do know that Roscoe and CJ felt loved each and every day and they had so much happiness with us.
Your participation and big hearts will help BAGS so much. CJ's ER bill was $800 and both the boys final expenses are part of their care.
We love you boys.

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Beautiful Aging Gracefully Seniors (BAGS) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization dedicated to the care of senior and

special needs basset hounds. Since 2000, Maribeth has provided both a temporary and/or permanent home for a number of different hounds in their various stages of life. Learn More 

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