Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a rescued basset hound. We ask that you take a moment and read through our Adoption Process. If you still have questions and would like more info please contact us at

$300 – dogs under 1 year old

$250 – for dogs 1 – 8 years old

$200 – dogs 8 years and older

** Prices are above unless otherwise noted.

*Puppies require a spay/neuter contract if they are under six months of age and have not been spayed/neutered. If you choose to use your vet, new owners must furnish proof of completed vaccines and spay/neuter within the specified time. Failure to complete the vetting requirements for juveniles will result in BAGS reclaiming the animal. If you choose to use our vet, we will work with you to schedule the spay/neuter appointment.

The adoption fee includes all vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip and a month’s dose of flea/heart worm preventative.

Did you know that if you paid for these services yourself, the cost would exceed $400 for a puppy and $300 for an adult animal? BAGS operates entirely on donations and we rely on your generosity in order to afford to continue rescuing bassets.

When you adopt, please do so in good faith that this is the dog you want. We ask that you do not use the adoption process to ‘try out’ the animal, but rather that you work with your Adoption Coordinator to ensure a good placement.

Once the application is reviewed, a representative from BAGS will contact your references, current vet and will call you with a phone interview.

The approval process can take over the course of several days, or may take longer, depending on availability of your references. If you have not received a response on your application within a week, contact BAGS at (614) 450-BAGS or email to report the problem.

1.) Complete and submit an application. It’s important you fill out the application completely—incomplete applications are the number one reason for delays in the process. Applications are available online: BAGS Adoption Application

2.) Once you’ve submitted your application, we will contact the references you’ve listed. Please be sure this information is accurate and that you included the correct phone number. It’s also a good idea to contact your vet to let them know to expect our call and to release info about the care of your pets. Privacy laws have changed and some vets require your approval prior to releasing this info.

3.) When an Adoption Coordinator is available, you will be interviewed once your application is submitted and reviewed. The interview helps us match pets to new families.

4.) In some cases, BAGS may request a home visit to your house. There are many reasons why this may happen and should not be cause for concern on the part of the adopter.

5.) Once the approval process is complete, you may work with the foster home or through BAGS to arrange a meeting. Adopters are expected to travel to meet the dog in their home environment.

The approval process can take place in a few days, or may take longer, depending on availability of your references. If you have not received a response on your application within a week, contact BAGS at (614) 450-BAGS or email to report the problem.

Though we make every effort to ensure our dogs are healthy, we recommend you schedule a check up with your own vet at your earliest convenience.
BAGS will also conduct phone or email follow up to see how everything’s going. Please be prepared to answer a few brief welfare questions when the time comes.

If you’ve adopted a puppy, please ensure you schedule the necessary appointments to complete your vaccination and spay/neuter requirements in a timely manner.

Some new dogs settle right in to their new home, others may take more time to adjust—up to several months. Don’t suffer in silence if you have concerns—help is available! We can usually offer solutions or resources that address adjustment, bonding and behavioral issues that will allow you to live harmoniously with your new dog.

Occasionally, despite best efforts and intentions, things just don’t work out. If you must return the dog and do so within a week, your adoption fee will be refunded. Dogs who have been in their home longer than a week will be addressed on a case by case basis.
In all cases, you must coordinate return with the foster home. You may experience a brief wait until space is available before returning your dog.

Foster homes can be the most important part of the rehabiliation process in rescue. Most of the dogs that come into BAGS are seniors or have some level of need that may make them less adoptable. In some cases, it may be just a temporary situation like pregnancy, being heart worm positive, puppy mill dogs, or other needs that may just take a few weeks or months before they are ready. If you are interested in becoming a foster home please take a moment and fill out our adoption application. Typically the number of dogs we can help, depends on how many available homes we can place them in until they are ready to find their forever home. Foster Applications are available online: BAGS Adoption Application