BAGS Adoption Process

Thank You For Choosing To Adopt!
Congratulations on your decision to adopt a BAGS basset. Every year, ten million healthy animals in the United States will be euthanized due to a lack of good homes. Your decision to adopt a senior or special need hound makes you part of the solution to this tragedy, sets an example for others, and saves a dog from uncertain fate. Be proud of your decision—we are!

Are You Ready?
Bassets are not disposable and require a lifetime commitment. Please give careful consideration to the following:
Bassets can live to age 15 or older and can be predisposed to certain health issues. Are you prepared to keep and care for a dog for the reminder of it’s life?

Dogs require food, water, shelter, vaccines, yearly exams, monthly preventatives, and other veterinary care. Proper care can add up. Are you ready for the additional expenses of caring for a pet?

Dogs require time, training, patience and adjustments to your lifestyle. Are you ready for the additional responsibility of caring for a pet?

Are your other pets current on vaccines and health care? Do all your dogs have a current license?

Choosing a Basset
It’s important to think carefully about your lifestyle and choose a dog that’s a good match for you and your family. Too often, we ‘fall in love with a cute face’, only to be disappointed when we realize the animal we have selected is too active, sedate or challenging for our household. To learn more about one of our dogs, please send an email to the foster contact or send an email to

If you’re new to the Basset Hound Breed, we encourage you to take a minute and read up on what these beautiful, clown-like, and often misunderstood creatures are all about: Basset Hound FAQS

How Does the Adoption Process Work?
1.) Complete and submit an application. It’s important you fill out the application completely—incomplete apps are the number one reason for delays in the process. Applications are available online: Adoption Application.

2.) Once you’ve submitted your application, we will contact the references you’ve listed, including your veterinarian. Please be sure this information is accurate and that you included the correct phone number. Please contact your veterinarian to let them know we will be contacting them. New privacy laws require that you give your consent before your information can be released to us.

3.) A BAGS Adoption Coordinator will review your application and follow up with you once your references have been contacted. An interview will be conducted which will help us match the correct dog with your family.

4.) In some cases, BAGS may request to accomplish the interview during a home visit to your house. There are many reasons why this may happen and should not be cause for concern on the part of the adopter. BAGS will make every effort to accommodate these requests. If you have another dog at your home, BAGS encourages you to bring him/her to the foster home to see if they will get along on the day of the adoption. This can be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on how your dog will do in the foster home setting.5.) Once the approval process is complete, you may work with the foster home or through BAGS to arrange a meeting. Adopters are expected to travel to meet the dog in their home environment. This allows the adopter to see how the dog acts in a relaxed environment that they are comfortable in. Parking lot meetings or bringing the dog to your home can often be stressful and isn’t a good representation of how the dog will act after a few weeks of transition.

6.) BAGS Basset Rescue is located in Ohio. Under some circumstances we do adopt out to neighboring states, however we ask that you consider working with your local rescue to find a basset.

The approval process can take place in a few days, or may take longer, depending on availability of your references. If you have not received a response on your application within a week, contact BAGS at (614) 450-BAGS or email to report the problem.