About Our Logo

Our logo is special to BAGS because not only does it capture the spirit of our organization, but it was designed by Pam Tanzey, who is a celebrated artist among basset enthusiasts.

Pam creatively designed a logo which showcases a senior basset who’s packed her “granny bag” and is excitedly awaiting her next transition in life. Her bag symbolizes her move, with her necessities stuffed and bungeed to the front. No one should leave home without their favorite stuffed toy, leash, and a few extra bones for the road. Her Bag also symbolizes the acronym for the rescue BAGS, which stands for Beautiful Aging Gracefully Seniors (and Special Needs).

As people’s lives change, the once loved “puppy” no longer is the cute bundle of joy they used to be. Aches, pains, incontinence, blindness and deafness tends to be a burden to busy families. Sadly, seniors and special need hounds are the least likely to make it out of the shelter alive. Most families are reminded this before they dump them, yet they still leave their once loved companion behind. These dogs deserve a comfortable loving home, with the necessary vet care, as they make their transition to a forever home or as a final resting spot. BAGS is dedicated to ensuring we will do our best to make this happen. We all age, including our hound dog friends, so let’s celebrate aging, beautifully and gracefully!

BAGS Logo Designed by Pam Tanzey