Arthurwade has been with BAGS a year in September. Arthur and his brother Loganwade came to BAGS after their dear mom Rachelanne DeCourcey, who was loved by the basset community passed away from ALS. Angelika Hastings, Rach’s friend, who had been helping her and the boys had promised Rach the boys would stay together and have a loving home. We love them so much!

Arthur is a snuggly kind of guy. He loves being snuggled in with me for the night. He is full of kisses and knows how to give a good snout nudge when he needs some ear scratching and attention.He also likes to be with me and helps me all day long, except when he just needs a nap! This senior is in good health. This time of year he is treated for seasonal allergies with a Cytopoint injection, and it makes everything better! He takes eye drops 2x a day and sits very proudly after his meals while I put in the drops. He gets his special treat afterwards and it makes it all worthwhile. Arthur LOVES having his ears flushed and cleaned. Most of the others scatter and Arthur plows through saying “clear the way, it’s my turn!” He is very patient. He has battled pseudomonas in one ear and we are very proactive to keep that ear healthy.

Arthur adjusted very well to his new home. I’m certain it helped that he had his brudder Logan with him. We never forget Rach, she was their mama, and I know they loved her dearly.

Some of Arthur’s favorite things are cheese, cheese and more cheese! He loves cottage cheese too! He loves gnawing on bones, playing tag with the others, howling when his brudder Logan howls, and hanging out in the sandbox with the others, and then giving mommy a sand and slobbery kiss! And….he loves when it’s time to eat!