CJ is my BIG shy boy. He came from the same puppy mill as Odie and dozens of others that we adopted out. Thankfully the awful place no longer exists. When CJ joined the family, he had zero socialization with people. He would scream and run if you touched him. Humans were scary beings, it took a lot of time and patience. The other dogs helped him keep his sanity until he accepted us. He’s fine with us now, but if guests come over, the best you might get is a brave peak around the corner, some barking and then trotting the other way, then he will repeat his braveness in a few minutes with another peak.
He doesn’t want to leave his home for anything, and if he has to go to the vet, he often melts into an 85 pound speed bump that is like moving cement. He is a total home body.
He and the squirrels love teasing each other. He can look up a tree and bark at them for hours. When they run along the fence or to the next tree, the game continues. One time CJ did end up with a trophy, so now he must think he has another chance. It’s good exercise and all the fresh air earns him a nice nap. Speaking of sleeping,  CJ is very good at stealing the comforter off me and wrapping himself up on the floor like a burrito. It’s always good to have an extra one nearby when I wake up cold! He must stare at me until he knows it’s safe to go in for the steal! He has never been on the couch or bed, just never attempted or had the desire, which is better for his leg anyway. He has a birth defect of his front leg, actually missing bones that couldn’t be repaired. He’s always had limp. He takes Adequan injections and does well with them. He takes S.O.D. & Boswellia and Salmon Oil. We can’t use prescription pain medications on a regular basis, the big guy has a super sensitive stomach. We have them on hand if needed, but he often has to use Ondansetron to keep his stomach settled. His stomach is super sensitive even with treats, there are very few he can eat.
CJ has a funny quirk when it’s “eat time” or when he thinks it’s eat time. He goes in the bathroom and shuts the door and sits without saying anything, even in the dark. Keeping the door closed is what we do, it’s especially helpful with the toilet paper bandits. Even seniors like to steal the toilet paper and shred it. It hasn’t been on the holder for years, but they still find a way.  If the bathroom door is closed, CJ will go into my bedroom and shut the door with his snout. The benefit to me when he shuts himself in a room is that’s the perfect time to flush and clean his ears. You can just see him expression as to say, Oh crap! He knows he gets a special good boy treat afterwards. A treat, and then the zoomies because he is proud of himself! In a few more minutes, you will hear the click of the door being closed.
CJ has an awesome howl, and when his brudder Logan who howls like a werewolf starts the singing, CJ is the perfect back up howler!