Loganwade DeCourcey, came to BAGS 14 months ago, with his brother Arthurwade. Their mom, Rachelanne left this world too soon when she passed away from ALS. Angelika Hastings, promised Rach the “Brudders” would stay together in a forever home where they would be happy and loved. They are loved to the moon and back and both are happy and content. They have been called “Brudders” by Rach, and Aunt Marion Billy, who has their brudder Morgie! The Brudders are all litter mates and turned 10 on May 10th. BAGS always celebrates birthdays with cheeseburgers, and a vanilla ice cream cone. Logan and Arthur enjoyed celebrating this way!

Logan has the best personality, he’s just an absolute sweetheart who I’ve never heard growl or seen his nose wrinkle. He’s completely submissive. He’s very happy, but he can pout a little bit. He dearly loves my daughter in law, Anna. When she comes over, if she doesn’t go to greet him right away, he can get his feelings hurt. Logan has always adored Anna. He expects her to come to him, but sometimes he’s just so excited he has to howl and go running to Anna!

Logan is known for his loud howling. He loves to howl anytime of the day or night. He really does have the coolest howl, it’s a werewolf howl He loves it even more when the others join in. During the night, he starts his werewolf singing. If the others don’t join in, he will try again, and again. When he first came, it was startling to hear during the night. Now, I don’t think daddy even notices unless he’s already awake. Living in the country, Logan can howl all he wants, we don’t have close neighbors. The cows might look, or maybe not!

We think about Rach often, and I know she must be so proud of her handsome boys.