Georgie’s family made the difficult decision to find her a new home even though they loved her to the moon and back. Georgie has seizures, and their other 4 dogs kept attacking Georgie and she was getting hurt. It got to the point where she was being attacked when not having seizures and having to be separated at all times. She also has Ataxia in her rear and loses her balance. She was with us one week before I saw her seizures. They last a very long time, and had many over the weekend. She came stocked with her medications and vet records. Georgie went to our vet this past week too. She had blood work and the nose to tail exam. She is developing cataracts, but can see. She now has rectal Diazepam for her seizures. Her and Reggie both have their own bottles of Diazepam! Debbie’s Dawgs also sent Georgie a new bed to welcome her. Thank you!