Please join me by giving our new BAGS family member a gentle welcome. Droopy was found laying in a ditch and taken to the pound. After stray hold, he was released as rescue only to our friends at Buckeye Basset Hound Rescue (BBHR). Thank you for rescuing Droopy, many of their volunteers helped with his rescue and transport.They took him directly to a vet where he had his vaccines, was thankfully hw negative, and verified blind and painful. Droopy is blind, around 10-11 years old and the sweetest senior boy you would ever want to meet. BBHR reached out to BAGS being that Droop aka Big D was a senior and special needs and we were glad to help and took over care. Our new family member joined us on Saturday. BAGS vets made time on Sunday morning to access Droopy. His very bulging eyeballs were just so awful looking and his pressures were 89 and 90 and that comes with the worst migraine you would ever experience. With no hesitation, they didn’t want Droopy having another day of pain and removed both eyes Sunday afternoon, 6 masses, and a neuter! He visibly had 2 masses and when administered morphine in his IV to prepare for surgery, 4 masses immediately appeared. These are mast cell that have an instant histamine reaction to morphine and were also removed. Droopy is resting very comfortably, and although recovering from surgery pain, he has to be feeling better. Although he has experienced rough times, he loves to be close, sit on your lap, has that great helicopter tail wag and just full of love. Droopy’s vet bill was $1400 for his surgery, but very well worth every cent.