Miss Cricket is a BAGS hound, just not a basset, but a petite 23 pound beagle! Nearly a year ago on a very hot day, Cricket trespassed through the gates of Alliance Castings, where my husband is employed. It was obvious she had been on her own and was scared and filthy, but seemed to know where to go for help. There is approximately 700 people who work at this facility, but nobody would bring her home because they already had a dog, or cat, or they can’t have a dog because they are allergic, or have to work, or …the list goes on and on. I told Gary to bring her home and he said WHAT, but then he said “YES DEAR!” The guy at work who has nearly 30 dogs at home is taking her home, was the word on the “street!” Cricket got a nice meal, and a bath, and we advertised for this “found beagle”, had her checked for a microchip, but nothing. She looked about 3 years old to me. She had a hacking cough, and needed a vet check. That 3 year old beagle is really closer to 9 or 10, her heart is twice the size that it should be, and looked like she would have heart worm disease, but somehow she doesn’t. She has cataracts in both eyes, and her esophagus and lungs have significant scarring. Cricket is staying. She takes lasix and enalapril several times a day. She has an acute bronchitis, and will have coughing spells. Cricket is becoming more trusting and now puts her front legs on us for attention. She panics when we pick her up, but we continue to work with her. I don’t think she ever had much people interaction, but she is accepting our love, and enjoys being petted and talked to about how pretty and good she is. She loves to sleep curled up in the recliner or loveseat. She runs out the dog door and does a couple laps around the yard and heads back to her recliner. Did I mention she has the hound appetite? She is very kind to all the dogs and they love their pint size sister too.