June 17, 2015

My beautiful Fancy Girl has made her journey to The Rainbow Bridge where she must be having a fun reunion with so many others. Her heart will be healthy again, mine has another hole and feels very heavy. Fancy was 15 years old. Although I only had the privilege of loving her for a year, it was a great year, just too short. Fancy was one of my Southern Belles who found herself homeless and also heart worm positive. Her health had been closely monitored and Fancy was being treated with the slow kill method of heart worm treatment in order not to stress out her old heart. She had done fabulous and was quite a perky girl. Fancy’s favorite hobbies were eating and barking, or barking and eating! You could normally find her on her throne, the pink cot in this picture. This picture had just been taken a few days ago. Her other throne broke, and her Aunt Glenda Kroshus in Alaska, just had her new pink cot delivered. I sent this picture to show Glenda that it’s just perfect, and pink was definitely Fancy’s color. Fancy went into complete heart failure. Her blood pressure was so low she was fainting. Dr Buck said just the lower chamber was working a little bit, not really a beat, more of a vibration. Her gentle eyes and face will always be in my mind and heart. Until we meet again Fanc, mommy loves her girl.

Fancy is BAGS lovely Bassadore. She is 15, and her 16th birthday is approaching! Fancy Girl came from Tennessee. We love the southern hounds! Her owner moved to Hawaii and I guess Fancy wasn’t invited. A friend of the owner was letting her stay on their back porch on a blanket. These folks thought Fancy’s visit with them was temporary, and when the owner didn’t want her back, they had to make a decision. They were leaving the country and either had to find someone to take Fancy or have her euthanized. We welcomed her and so glad she is now an Ohio gal! She is a sweetheart! Fancy is heart worm positive. She has a bad heart and the traditional heart worm treatment would likely kill her. Fancy takes a Heartguard every month, which is known as the slow kill method for heart worm disease. A couple months of Doxycycline antibiotic is also used. She is doing great. She also takes Lasix and some pain meds before bed for her hips. It is very important that all BAGS hounds never miss a monthly heart worm preventative. If a mosquito would bite Fancy and then bite any of the other hounds, they would be infected. Fancy is just not a back porch kind of dog. She loves to be with you, loves food, and loves her favorite pink cot. In fact, Fancy doesn’t care much about going outside, but that’s okay too. That’s what pee pads and the mop and bucket are for! We will be excited to post birthday pictures for her Sweet 16th!