Emma Lou

October 27, 2017

This is Miss Emma Lou! She will celebrate her 13th birthday on June 26th, and we will celebrate it BAGS birthday style with cheeseburgers and ice cream for all the hounds. We love celebrating all their birthdays! Yep, another southern belle, who has been with us for a couple of years now. You may remember her handsome brother Baxter Boo, who sadly is at the Rainbow Bridge, and who we will never forget! You are likely to hear Emma Lou before you see her. She loves squeaky toys. She can squeak her toys hundreds of times without missing a beat. I even hear her squeaking at night. Emma can squeak her toys much better now that she had her dental surgery. During the winter, Emma had a severe nosebleed, which was caused from an abscessed tooth that broke through into the sinus cavity. Emma takes some pain medicine and daily supplements for arthritis. She is looking forward to many squeaky toys for her birthday, and mommy will make sure her birthday dreams come true!