March 24, 2015

Just this past Sunday I was cleaning lots of basset ears, sweet talking them so I could trim their nails. So many bassets are under the impression that trimming nails is like cutting off each toe, but with my hoodie packed with treats, we get through it. Dusty is always so cooperative. He always seems so wise, so grateful. I always look at their teeth. Dusty had a growth that wasn’t present last week and when I touched it, it bled, a lot. Once again, I was able to take him to the vet within an hour. Dusty needed surgery and some xrays and a biopsy. Tuesday morning, my little Dust Bunny joined Candy and Blossom, his journey on Earth was complete. He had an aggressive form of mouth cancer that was in the bone. My little old man who was rescued from a shed in the mountains of Tennessee during a snow storm last year was gone. Dusty overcame so much bad luck, and was enjoying everyday, he deserved more days to enjoy. It never, ever gets easier to lose any of them, and if it does, that’s when you quit. I am asked by many why I do this to myself, why I take the old and sick, why do I take someone’s old throw-a-ways that come with so many issues that cost so much, that never can be adopted. I do this because I believe there are angels among us, these old souls are the angels among me. They show us how to live, to teach us how to give, and to guide us with a light of love.

Dusty is a 10 yr old released by his family because they could no longer care for him.

Update 1/13/2014

It’s only been a week, Dusty is doing great. Reenie, who rescued him from the shed said he bounded out of that shed and headed to her van, and slept the entire way to her house. He mastered the doggy door in a very short time, and is just a sweet old man. He spent the night at the vets last night and has been vaccinated. I called to pay his bill and the vet tech said how sweet he is , just a bit stinky. As I write this he is being picked up from the vet and headed to stay with Cyn Mobley until transport is arranged. I just received an email from his mom, thanking me and everyone for everything they did for Dusty. She is heartbroken as life used to be much different for all of them. He got his name Dusty, from the pet store she took him home from. He was an older pup, very ill, and just layed in the corner of the cage being trampled by all the other dogs. The pet store said he just lays around collecting dust. She couldn’t leave him behind, and got him to a vet. He was sick from parasites, and could hardly walk from weakness. Life was good for a lot of years, and when Daddy came back from Iraq, their world fell apart, from the Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome.. They lost the house, daddy became homeless, and everyone suffered including Dusty. She said they always called him Dusty Bunny. Dusty Bunny was supposed to be taken care of by a friend of a friend, but they didn’t keep their word, hence he was left in a shed. No more worries Dust Bunny, or Nadine, his mommy. Dust Bunny will be safe, loved, and happy.

Update 4/29/2014

Dusty’s arrival to Ohio has brought him warmth and happiness. He was rescued this winter from a shed in the mountains of Tennessee. Being a senior gentleman with an arthritic body, a big soft chair is a much better retirement life than a cold shed. Dusty is 11 years of age and has adapted to being a BAGS Basset with no problem. Soon after arriving at BAGS and visiting our vet, it was discovered he had Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever. Dusty took the prescribed antibiotic for 6 weeks to rid his bone marrow of this disease. He is feeling much better and is enjoying the Spring sunshine often taking his afternoon snooze in the sandbox with his friends. We look forward to Dusty having many happy years in Ohio.

Update 12/29/2014

Dusty is now a permanent resident at BAGS! Dusty is from the south so winters in Ohio can be chilly. Some mornings he would rather just sleep in!