August 20, 2014

Daisy will be celebrating her 12th birthday in June of 2013, and we can’t wait to celebrate “BAGS” style with cheeseburgers and ice cream cones for all. Daisy battled a deadly infection for a couple months this Spring that could have taken her life, but our Daisy Doodle Pop was victorious, as she has been so many times. Her vet file is like a novel. Once recovered from the infection, Daisy had a heart evaluation when a murmur had been detected at her follow-up appointment, and my concern of an onset of coughing.

Daisy had her yearly senior blood work, and Dr. Buck was pleased that there were only a few slight changes. She had an ultrasound, x-rays, and an EKG. She is now taking a blood pressure medicine twice a day, when tests revealed enlarged blood vessels in her lungs. She is very happy to receive an extra “treat” after her meals, which I’m certain she thinks is because she is such a good girl. Daisy continues to have the energy of a 5 year old dog, but has no problem exercising her right as a bossy senior gal. She loves to stand under the basement steps and act like a troll when the other bassets pass by, just letting them know, she might be older, but in no way slower. I think she has earned the respect of the younger bassets. Daisy has her daily cardio workout with her buddy Wheezer; they never miss a day of chase with each other. Her daily supplements for her joint health, her blood pressure pills, and her meds to control those embarrassing bladder accidents that older ladies can experience, are helping Daisy to enjoy everyday. I have had the privilege of her love for 7 years.

In Memory of Daisy Doodle Pop

My Beloved Daisy Doodle Pop made her journey to The Bridge last night. We celebrated her 13th birthday in June! She was always the most vibrant and ornery basset girl, who always acted like a pup. She always loved running to the basement and barking her head off at the ceiling, and she could do it for hours. Daisy was a crazy girl full of fun! Any noise she heard, got her started. She was a one of a kind! I had her since she was 7 and she was wrapped around my heart. She overcame so many serious illnesses that could have taken her, she always beat the odds.We always thought her heart would take her, but just 3 days ago, she wasn’t feeling well, and was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and a mass in her stomach. I guess now she is barking her head off on a cloud without pain. It’s too quiet at BAGS today, even with 24 others, Daisy took a piece of all our hearts.