Update March 8th, 2022
BAGS thanks you with all our hearts for showering Elliot with love and sending gifts of food, treats, blankets, a bed, a warming mat, and donations for anything he needed for his vetting.
Forty Four days was not enough, but it only took one day to have his paw wrapped around our hearts. We held his paw yesterday and told him how much he was loved and gave him kisses as he made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He was laying on his blanket with his name on it, surrounded by his mom Tami Carmer, myself, and friend Marina who kindly did the driving and gave Tami and Elliot some quiet time with just the two of them.
Elliot had not been able to keep food down any longer, and didn’t want to eat or drink anymore. He told us it was time. An ultrasound confirmed the tumor had overtaken everything. We knew, but it was just a quick scan while he was relaxing with his pre med and dozing into a comfortable sleep.
Forty Four days did come with a lot of adventure and laughs. Elliot ate really well when he first came. He was so smart and would drink a lot of water to get a full feeling in his belly until he realized that he could feel full with yummy food. His belly had limited room from the tumor, so he couldn’t eat much at a time. He kept Tami busy with feedings around the clock. When Elliot howled at Tami, he was ready to put his order in from his menu of favorites. His food requests were accepted around the clock, and one of his favorite times was 4 a.m!
We love you Elliot! Your paw prints are permanently part of our hearts.
Elliot is 13 1/2 years old. His mommy, who is in her early nineties, needed medical care and moved to a nursing home. The family reached out to rescue looking to have a soft bed for Elliot to relax and be loved. Elliot is living with our wonderful foster mom Tami Carmer, where our Roscoe also lives as a permanent family member.
Elliot went to our vet and has chronic ear infections, which are being treated, and some painful dental disease, but our vet also became very concerned about the tenderness in his abdomen and his breathing. Radio graphs revealed he has a mass that is in a lot of different places and compressing organs, including his stomach. He can’t eat much at one time. Surgery is not an option. We are keeping Elliot comfortable with medication, and he tells Tami when he wants food, which is all hours of the day and night. Elliot has his paw wrapped right around Tami’s heart and she is honored to make his days full of love, happiness and food. When Elliot lets us know he isn’t comfortable anymore, we will listen. Debbie’s Dawgs members have generously sent Elliot canned food, a new bed, a warming blanket, treats, and tons of love. Thank you!