December 27, 2012

I have always had my theory with Dolly why she wasn’t a people person, she was just a mommy person, and eventually a daddy girl. She was only thought to be 2 years old when I got her. She had a few sizable pieces missing from her ears, along with a large area on her ear where hair no longer grew, the same with a spot on her

front and back leg, resembling road rash. Her back leg was deformed with x-rays showing a large area of her leg where it had been broken and never treated. Maybe she was hit by a car and never had vet care. When she was running the streets of Mansfield, very pregnant, it was winter, she was hungry, but probably just chased away because she was the nuisance stray dog getting into the garbage. The dog catcher chased her for weeks trying to catch her so she wouldn’t have the puppies in the cold. She was eventually caught, probably because her heavy belly prevented her from running fast, she was given 24 hours to be rescued, or she, being pregnant was going to be euthanized.

The day I went to the shelter, I walked back to check her out..making sure this was a PB Basset..we always had the strictest orders. When I came upon the area she was in, a visitor to the pound, who was a large man was walking and kicking each of the dogs cages, possibly seeing which one would make the grade for his newest watchdog. As he kicked Dolly’s cage and the loud sound of metal and chain link echoed, my instinct kicked in and I yelled at him to get away from my dog. I feel like that is the only time maybe someone stuck up for this girl. Thankfully, when the shelter employee observed this man’s behavior, he would not be allowed to leave with a dog. I think from that moment on, Dolly didn’t want to leave me. She always hid or growled when potential adopters came. Who wants to adopt a dog who presents herself in this way? Dolly was smarter than anyone thought. She knew where she wanted to stay. It was where the first time she could comprehend caring with a human. That is the story of my sweet Dolls.

Thanks for letting me share, it is the beginning of the healing process, and letting me remember why Dolly was always special, my beautiful wallflower.

Dolly passed away with me hugging her. It was a very aggressive tumor that could not be treated and could not be completely removed. It would ravage her body in a short amount of time. Fly Free my beautiful sweet Dolly Ann Madison. I will meet up with you again baby girl. She was only 8 years young. Cancer is evil. ~Maribeth