February 13, 2015

Update 2/15/15

Valentine’s weekend has been brokenhearted at BAGS. Our beautiful Candy Kiss left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are dragging behind us. Friday evening Candy collapsed outside. Gary and I lifted her on a blanket and carried her to the couch. She wouldn’t lift her head or open her eye, and was just shaking. Dr. Zoldak met us at the clinic and went above and beyond, as always. Jamie, who works at the clinic was driving by and saw our cars, and stopped to help. I’m so grateful for everyone at County Line Vet Clinic. Candy had a massive stroke, and wasn’t going to wake up. Besides not feeling well in the last week, her personality had majorly changed, her behavior was totally out of character, and it’s likely Candy had a brain tumor. I will post a tribute to my Candy girl this week, She made me laugh everyday, was so very spunky, and demanding, and grateful, sweet and sassy. She will be missed by many, and always be in our hearts. This picture was Candy posing with her treasures, including her new bed. She had some very special “Aunties” that often spoiled her, and Candy was always so proud of her gifts. It was an honor to be her mama. ~ Candy

Updated 12/31/2014

Candy girl knew she was home the minute she stepped into BAGS! Candy is officially a permanent BAGS resident.

Updated 6/12/2014

My sweet Candy girl had her right eye removed today. Her surgery went well. Her eye had no sight, but the drops were no longer controlling the pressure, and it was up to 50. I was sad because it had seemed like she was so comfortable. I wouldn’t have thought the pressure was high. It’s just that the pain was better than the unbearable pain she experienced a few days ago. Although the Optic Nerve is dead and the pain isn’t the stabbing glaucoma pain, it would be a constant headache, and that’s no fun. We are going to continue drops in her good eye in hopes to keep it healthy. I got to visit a little bit ago and going back at 5 when I take Angel and Hercules for their vet appointment. I’m taking a big fluffy comforter for her to snuggle on, and her favorite meal of hamburger and rice. The plan is for her to come home tomorrow.

Updated 5/17/14

Candy has been with us for 1 week, and is very relaxed and happy. The blurry tail is because it is always wagging! She goes to see the vet Monday. Her wound is showing improvement, and they will remove the drainage tube. I can now touch her ears without her crying in pain. It takes many bites of chicken to get through the flushing and antibiotic drops, but she is a good sport. Chicken makes everything better according to Candy! She loves to explore the yard and usually has dandelion yellow on her nose from rolling and enjoying the fresh air. I did find out she is 11 years old instead of 9. When the dog warden made a citation visit to the owner, the owner wanted her euthanized. Lucky for Candy, he is no longer her owner, and Candy will be enjoying every minute of her senior years. We are grateful the dog warden advocates for the animals.

Updated 5/11/14

This is our new girl Candy. She is 9 years old. She came to BAGS Saturday. Her owners neglected her health care, and when the infection in her side and ears and eyes were too awful to see and smell, they turned her into the shelter claiming she was a stray,and saying how gross she is. She had surgery today, on Sunday, and has a drain in her side, and the wound has been partially closed. The pus that filled her ear canals has been drained and flushed. She is going to take awhile to heal. Her owners will be facing charges. Please send Candy some healing drool and a smile. She is the sweetest basset girl. Everything is going to be ok sweet girl.