October 19, 2018

On Oct 19th, 2018, Daisy lost her battle with oral melanoma. She was welcomed into BAGS when her family could no longer care for her. She had an assortment of medical issues upon arrival, but quickly bounced back and showed her sparky personality. You would never have believed she was a senior once you met her. She proudly strutted her stuff taking daily walks with her doggie friends. Daisy was the face behind several of our online fundraisers and would sit patiently for the perfect photo shots. As her health started to fail, her frequent trips to the vet allowed her the opportunity for some mommy time and to sneak in her favorite Dairy Queen sundaes! Daisy will be forever loved and missed by her mommy Melissa Hopper.


Meet Daisy! At 13 years old, Daisy’s family sold their home and sadly she wasn’t able to join them in their move. Desperate for an alternative to the shelter, they contacted BAGS and explained she may be a hospice case. You would never know by meeting this gal that she is anything but a sassy youngster.

Daisy has been in a foster home with BAGS for several months now. Her first vet visit revealed a high white blood cell count believed to be caused by a urinary tract infection, but following a round of antibiotics all came back normal. Other than the typical senior issues, she is in pretty good shape. Daisy did have a few mammary masses that were removed and biopsied and the results were good. Daisy has also had a couple dental surgeries with extractions, but other than that she is a pretty healthy and happy diva. Her favorite activities revolve around FOOD! This little firecracker is living life as a diva with her permanent foster mom Melissa Hopper and doggie friends in central Ohio.