August 2012

For 7 long years, Chance lived in a cage as a puppy mill stud dog. He was rescued by BAGS in the summer of 2012 along with several other dogs when the millers were dumping their “unwanted surplus.” When he entered rescue he was vetted for the first time in his life, neutered and had xrays to diagnose a leg deformanity due to the years standing in a wire pen.

In the short week, he was in rescue he enjoyed had non-stop companionship with other hounds, and enjoyed playing with the puppies. At his age, he was making up for the many years he missed out on and wanted for the first time to live life as it was meant to be lived for a hound. Sadly, before he had the opportunity to settle into his new lifestyle, Chance’s back gave out on him. His vet believed his muscles were so weak from never being used, that just energetic movement was causing immense damage. His prognosis even with an expensive and incredibly evasive surgery wasn’t good and he would need months if not years of rehabilitation and likely a wheelchair in order to move around. His foster mom, decided that even though he only had one great week of playing like a puppy, it would be the best way to say good bye to a life he didn’t deserve. He passed away in his foster mom’s arm only a week after entering her home. Rest in Peace Chance. Run free!