My Chloe Bear has a great love for Beanie Babies! If you have been to visit, you will remember Chloe greeting you with a beanie baby in her mouth and tail wagging. She greets any new BAGS Basset this way too! She chooses a different “baby” as her favorite for the day! She has a 12 year collection and has plenty to choose from. Chloe has had to have some replaced, as a couple have lost their eyes to some residents or fosters who don’t quite have the respect for her babies as she does. Chloe is the sweetest girl in the world and has never been any other way. She had a dental last week and when I brought her home she got a get well present of a new baby, as she is shown in her picture. Chloe had a very sad time when she lost her best friend Blossom in March. They had known each other since they were both 7 years old. She would have as many as a dozen of her babies with her in her bed. Chloe has always been the nurturer of all the pack. With the loss of her Blossom, she has found joy in becoming very good friends with June. She always kisses her when June wants off the couch to go outside. Everyone should have a friend like Chloe.