December 23, 2015

Update 12/23/15

BAGS is sad to announce that Charlie has become a Christmas angel. He came to us a couple years ago and had a lengthy but successful battle with an infected leg. Charlie was doing great, and wasn’t having any health problems. His throne was a mattress and cozy blankets on the top of a large crate against the wall! He would jump onto the couch and then step up on the arm of the couch and do a little hop onto his throne. He had the perfect view of the backyard and of the entire living room. Charlie was not having any sickness or problems. He got off his thrown at 1:30 a.m. and stretched out on the floor. I asked him if he was too warm? He started shallow breathing. I put a pillow under his head and told him how much we loved him, what a good boy he is, gave him lots of kisses, and he peacefully took his last breath! I am very thankful I was able to be with him. I’m not usually up watching television at this time, it must have been meant to be. Charlie was 10 years old, his body decided it was worn out. He always barked the entire way down the hallway announcing he was going outside, which was like an alarm for the other bassets to join his chorus! The squirrels in the pasture will wonder where he has gone! Charlie was blessed not to suffer with a debilitating illness. His peaceful departure was the ultimate way to travel to the Rainbow Bridge, where we will meet again. We love you Charlie, thank you for your love, our Christmas Angel!

Here’s Charlie! He’s got enough “bassetude” for the entire gang. He is 10 years old, enjoys napping in soft places with sunbeams. He doesn’t like to play with the others, he thinks they are ridiculous and tolerates them by ignoring them. Mommy often gives him a rawhide chewy and that is his fun. Charlie does enjoy “eat time” and “treat time!” He has a good amount of arthritis and a bad heart too. We keep him comfortable, and he can nap peacefully, and that’s what counts. He will occasionally be seen with the others, if one of the dogs gives “stranger danger alert howl.” That is serious business, and seems to be a requirement for all of them to participate. They must sign a secret contract when they arrive to BAGS. The group will really give an extra show when the stranger jogging down the road is their very own Dr. Buck! He will start laughing, and lose his concentration. Dr. Buck told the new vet that you have to put it on your bucket list to walk or jog by the Walker’s, especially on Sunday morning. You will see Maribeth sitting on the picnic table with her coffee, and a carpet of bassets all over the yard. He said you have never seen anything like it! I guess we provide some entertainment!