October 27, 2017

My China Bear is now 16! She is blind, she doesn’t hear too much, but she is always happy. China’s heart beats to its own tune and she takes Lasix to keep her comfortable. She still enjoys going outside and makes her way to the doggy door by herself and enjoys a stroll around the yard and a roll in the grass, probably on a dead worm! Dorzolamide drops are used daily in China’s eyes to keep her pressure low. She naps a lot in her favorite bed, but she knows when it’s time for evening snuggles on the couch. She still has plenty of spunk, especially if she needs her nails trimmed. She kicks her back legs like a little donkey and barks. China is another Tennessee southern belle, who was left at the pound when her owner passed away. Nice relatives, huh? China loves to beg for people food, I think she had a lot of that in her previous home. China is currently being treated for an abscess in the inside of her mouth and responding well. It could possibly be from a seizure and she bit her cheek, or an infected tooth. She is taking antibiotics and pain meds and resting comfortably and happy, which includes a lot of delicious home cooked dinners and hugs and kisses.