Velveeta aka Vita, is my little sweet tart. She came to BAGS 5 years ago on a transport. She was coming from Eastern Kentucky. Her crate was boldly labeled “flight risk.” She was known to be a runner, and escape artist, and extremely backward. I was ready with a crate in the car, a couple leashes, a harness, and a wing and a prayer this was going to be okay for this little girl. She originally lived in a puppy mill. The person who then “rescued” her, bred her with their basset because they wanted another basset that looked just like their male. Vita had complications, nearly died, and had a c section, and thankfully was spayed. Her family moved and Vita did not like anything about her new fenced yard, which was a small kennel. She did escape many times, wore down her bottom teeth from gnawing to find a way out. Her owner realized she wasn’t doing well in this new atmosphere and reached out to see if she could come to live with me permanently. They didn’t want her adopted out, no more changes, they just wanted her to unpack her BAGS and have a forever happy place.
The time to meet my new girl was now. We had spent the day before checking and rechecking every inch of our fence was escape proof. I just wanted her to stay safe. We got her out of her crate and safely to our vehicle. She immediately just wanted to be close to me, so I sat in the back while Gary drove. She seemed very content to have her head on my lap, and so a great new beginning had started. Vita met the pack and I walked with her as we checked out the yard together. From that very first day to today, she has never had the desire to escape. She loves her yard to play. One of my favorite pictures is with Denver the Boxer. He is my grand dog, and he and Vita have always had a special bond. She loves when Denver visits and always gives him kisses.
Vita’s has had her share of health issues. She came to us with Lyme Disease. It was advanced enough that it did cause some damage and her back legs have stiffness and joint pain. She has been treated 3 times. She did have a mammary removed when a mass developed and did well with that surgery. We were thankful it was not malignant. She takes Adequan injections to help with joint pain. Vita has had to start taking heart medication and furosemide for congestive heart failure. Since being on the medication, she has begun playing more, and generally feels better.
She has always been terrified of gunshots, fireworks and storms. She will shake and shiver uncontrollably. She does take some meds at the first sign, and it takes the edge off. Her and her buddy Denver have the same fears and take the same meds. Friends do things together!
Vita always gets up happy and comes over to me wagging her tail and wants her morning kisses and breakfast can never be too early. I love how she wags her tail the entire time she is eating and drinking water.
I’m just so happy she is content and a happy girl. I just love this little girlie.
Some of Vita’s favorite things are salmon, yogurt, venison, dental chews, and peanut butter!