Nelson could write a book with a lot of cliffhanger adventures!. Each chapter has gotten more exciting! The first couple chapters were a mystery how Nelson became paralyzed, until I received a phone call from a friend of Nelson’s family. We hadn’t known what happened to this boy, but BAGS would give him whatever was needed.

Nelson lived in Indiana. He lived with his parents since he was a pupper. Then the D word happened and his parents fought over him out of spite. When his dad got tired of him, he took him to his parents farm where Nelson started a new life. He was loved, and there were grand kids and it sounded like he had fun. I’m told he was always an awesome dog, I have no trouble believing this. One day, there was an accident, grandma ran over Nelson with the car. He was obviously very injured and the neighbor was asked to shoot Nelson. The grandchildren were devastated with this news, and they attempted to carry their buddy Nelson away from the danger of being shot. Grandma decided to take Nelson to the dog warden, exclaiming she was moving and couldn’t take the dog. She stated his dragging back legs had just started, had no idea what was wrong. Nelson was then transferred to the Animal Shelter where he could be taken to a vet for care. Nelson needed a rescue and within days, he arrived in Ohio!

Oh boy, this sweet guy was so homesick. He sat by the front door and howled and cried, it was heartbreaking. He couldn’t get around and was very frustrated. He went to our vet, and we hoped he would heal with time. His tests suggested his injuries were neurological, which means the nerves in his spine were not communicating with his brain. His injuries were from damaged nerves. He couldn’t feel his back legs. We kept him on his medications, but were seeing no improvements.

Nelson would try to move around, and his legs would drag and he would get sores. He wore socks, but everything was frustrating for him, We used a jogging stroller to get him outside and back indoors. Nelson had doggy wheels donated to him from a basset that was his size. Nelson mastered the wheels and was not only walking, he was running! He loved running through the yard with the other bassets. It’s a race to see who can be first to the gate when the brown truck arrives! Nelson first started having his back legs in the stirrups so they would not drag and become injured. After a few months, his back legs would have the correct alternating steps when he was motoring around in his wheels. This was like physical therapy strengthening his muscles and moving in the right motion. Nelson was much happier, and it seemed like having his wheelchair gave him quality of life. Talking with the vet, we decided to try the K Laser treatment on his spine. The laser treatment encourages nerve regeneration. There wasn’t a lot of hope, but it was certainly worth a try! Nelson started arriving for his treatments being pulled in a wagon. We went every week. In about a month, Nelson started wagging his tail. About a week later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nelson stand for a few seconds! Oh what a feeling! A few days later, he took a few steps, and the rest my friends is the wonderful new life of Nelson! Each milestone Nelson has reached, he has been very proud and happy, and we were just as proud an happy.

Nelson continues to have laser therapy. He trots into the vet like he is being announced walking the red carpet!
Nelson is amazing. He walks, trots, runs on all four of his legs to be the first to the gate to meet the brown truck! I admit, I hold my breath while he’s running, it’s a mom thing! Nelson wrestles with his basset buddies, goes in and out the doggy door, and even uses the doggy steps to get onto the couch. He sleeps on the couch on his back with his feet in the air with no cares in the world. I think all his dreams are happy dreams now. The sad, homesick boy, is full of happiness and life. He is a very loyal dog, just loves the attention, has become extremely attached to Gary, maybe like he was with grandpa.They spend lots of guy time together. When visitors or family come, he makes certain his presence is known. I often call it “The Nelson Show.”