Odie is the ultimate basset hound. He loves attention, snuggles, his people, food, and has the best cankles ever ,not to mention he’s just completely adorable. He has enough bassetude for the pack.
Odie was born with a heart murmur, and has unexplained neuro episodes from time to time, but never loses consciousness. His right eye often is rolled upward a little bit  His brain is fine, just a little bit of a mystery, but I love him just the way he is. He knows when an episode is coming and gets extremely clingy, trying to climb on me. Sometimes it is a half hour of anxiety before it finally happens.  Despite his special needs, being a senior has been a great milestone.
Odie earned his PhD in counter surfing after he successfully carried a cooling saucepan of hamburger gravy from the counter to his crate without spilling it. He often sets his sights on cheese too. After snagging the loaf of Velveeta cheese and heading out the doggie door, he thought he was pretty cool. His epic fail was when I was putting groceries away and the pound of butter was no longer in the bag. I found him in the bedroom moments later, but the only thing left was the box. A dose of peroxide and he threw up all four sticks of butter with the paper still wrapped around each stick!!! Yes, I have also learned my lesson about keeping things out of Dr. Odie’s reach, most of the time. Sometimes it is a conspiracy, like the other day. I was making the dog’s dinner and I had to look in on a commotion in the living room. Next thing I heard was a bowl hit the floor. Yep, Odie decided to have a serve himself dinner. He does get his bowl first, but not quite that way. He usually runs to his crate and waits to be served, first, of course.
My Odie is a very comforting snuggle bug. If I am sitting on the couch, he expects to be the one right beside me. He also doesn’t go to bed until I do. He will stare at me and nudge me and want to go to bed. He kicks like a donkey in his sleep and is a bed hog, and snores! At least someone is getting a good night sleep! If I leave the house, he looks out the window and waits for me. He is very mommy oriented. He’s definitely like a best friend, even though he doesn’t have much remorse if he steals your food. Friends share, so that’s okay! He does give Nelson a glare if Nelson is sitting with daddy on the couch and Odie doesn’t have a human to sit with. If Odie is hanging out with dad, and I sit down, Odie comes over with me.
Odie’s recent vet visit was very good. He had radiographs and his senior blood work. Everything is looking good. Dr. Z called him a Manatee with cankles!!! Hmmm, that could be a compliment for a basset. Odie didn’t mind, they have good treats there that smell like chicken soup!  I’m sure he was saying, pass the cookies, feed the Manatee!
Don’t forget the belly rubs! He loves flopping on his back for some rubs. He has a powerful snouty too. He can nudge my phone right out of my hand if he wants attention. It’s Odie time mom!  He does think he is the head dog now. Since my Wheezer is ATB and he was the sheriff, Odie thinks he is now the Sheriff. We will let him think that, but he isn’t sheriff material, he’s head snuggle bug material!