Roscoe is a BAGS forever family member living with mommy, Tami Carmer. Roscoe was a stray 3 years ago in the in the area Tami lived. The day she picked him up and brought him home was the beginning of all good things for Roscoe. We think him never being claimed was to his advantage!
This guy’s younger years couldn’t have been easy or loving. It has taken a ton of patience but the difference has made us very proud of this boy! He can now sit in the line with his sisters and have a treat without causing friction.
Roscoe’s younger years must’ve been without love and companionship. We have included a picture of the first time he sat on Tami’s lap. That was a huge milestone.
Debbie’s Dawgs sent Roscoe his very own bed, and he is very proud of his bed. If one of his sisters is in his bed, he gives mommy the look to make them move. He loves his bed. It’s just right! Roscoe has even been seen playing a few times!! Don’t worry Roscoe, your secret is safe with us!
Roscoe does have a lot of arthritis. Quality of life is very important, and we don’t want him in pain, so we will do whatever it takes to keep him and all of our dogs comfortable. When we are in pain, we get the grumpies, so we don’t want the grumpies! Roscoe takes a regiment of arthritis meds 3x a day. Oops, I mean, Roscoe gets peanut butter bread 3x a day! Mommy sets her timer so she isn’t tardy with his treat!
Tami and Roscoe have been making a weekly 1 hour drive to the vet so Roscoe can have Laser treatment on his spine. It was so beneficial for Nelson, we thought it could help Roscoe’s arthritis. He has been having a hard time getting those back legs moving. Tami is noticing that Roscoe is getting up easier, so this is great news. Roscoe might not like the car ride so much, but he can’t help, but enjoying that laser, which we refer to as spa time. Even better, he gets a special treat on the way home, his own cheeseburger. He thinks that’s the best!