Look at our big and handsome smoosh Reggie! He is truly a big sweetheart! He’s looking especially cute after his bath yesterday. His long ears help him do a lot of things, so they need a refresher very often. He really has the most beautiful long ears, they are so soft. This giant weighs 89 pounds and long as a train. Reggie is 9 years old and he is the sweetest guy.

BAGS is Reggie’s 3rd home, but we are his forever home. He arrived at BAGS in April. Reggie has severe seizures and Addison’s Disease. It has taken numerous tests and extensive blood work to figure out the most effective treatment and dosages of medications for Reggie. He had an veterinarian from OSU who specializes in endocrinology assist my vets in studying detailed blood work. Reggie is quite a mystery and sometimes one disease has complicated another. We always keep a close eye on this big guys blood work and behavior. He doesn’t have the seizures as frequently, which is fantastic, but they are still rather violent. Now, for the last 4 months, Reggie’s seizure’s are clockwork. There are 29 days between seizures, and often he has a few on day 30 as well. I have tried to prepare for the dreaded day 29 by increasing some of his seizure medications, but day 29 still prevails. He has 4 different types of seizure medications, including an injection when they won’t stop. The brain is very mysterious, especially when it looks normal. Reggie recovers from his off days and enjoys his food and naps. Wouldn’t you know one of his favorite foods is french style green beans on his food. I love hearing him smack his lips as he enjoys them. He is a good sport about taking all his medications in his food. They are in cheese, so that makes it seem like a yummy addition to his food. He eats in a crate so that I can make certain he has had all his medications and none of the other bassets can have a bite. When I get Reggie’s bowl ready, he will soon mosey into his crate.

This guy just hates going outside. He is very light on his feet and you barely hear his paws walking. If I don’t lead him outside with a leash, there is a flood or worse with no warning! No big deal, we know how to clean up. When I do get him outside, it’s a lot of coaxing and then after doing what he needs to, he is on his way back in the house. You can’t talk him into enjoying a beautiful day.
Reggie takes 5 medications a couple times a day, eye drops, and also the injectable is on hand. We appreciate the help with his food, canned food, treats, and all his medication.