Here’s BUBBA! Bubba joined the BAGS family in April when his human mommy’s health issues became very serious. She must relocate to a residence that doesn’t allow her beloved pets. She bottle fed Bubba when he was rejected by his dog mom. Bubba thrived with love and food and is a big and handsome 10 year old boy. It was Bubba’s mom’s wish to have Bubba be a permanent family member, she didn’t want him to have more adjustments and wanted him to unpack his “BAGS” permanently. We all had concerns how his adjustment would go, but he is doing great. His mom was hospitalized when Bubba made his journey to Ohio, but she recently came to visit, and has peace seeing how much he is loved and owns the couch and bed, just like he did at home! Bubba recently decided he wasn’t going to be left out of playing with toys. He didn’t have interest until “Happy” the new resident beagle was having fun with the toys. Bubba had his nose bent out of joint having a new brother. Dr. Buck said he wasn’t able to fix that problem, but he could fix his bad teeth! Bubba’s smile is much better now and so is his breath. He had 5 abscessed teeth removed, all his vaccines and senior bloodwork and radiographs done. He now has prescription pain meds for his knees and takes preventative so he doesn’t get a disease like Happy came with. Bubba’s nose is no longer bent out of shape and he has accepted his new brother. They both live with Tami Carmer, BAGS wonderful foster home. Tami had been missing having snuggles from a hound, so we have fixed her up with double snuggles!