June 28, 2015

Updated June 28, 2015

With a heavy heart we are sad to report that Miss Annie left to the rainbow bridge this afternoon. This sweet girl touched our hearts when she entered into rescue with two other senior bassets after they spent years in a back yard breeding operation. At the time, we thought she may have been one of their puppies, but was already showing signs of graying in her face. Both dogs were adopted to loving homes, but Miss Annie wasn’t very trustworthy and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her. As soon as someone new came into the home, Annie ran to her safe spot under the bed and wouldn’t come out until she was certain they weren’t there for her. Over the years, Annie became more trustworthy and would allow Gary (Maribeth’s husband) to finally touch and hold her. The day she jumped up on the couch to sit next to him was proof that she was finally learning to trust. Our vet felt Miss Annie was much older than we originally thought and her sudden passing was shocking and heart breaking. RIP Sweet Girl we know you’re chasing squirrels and free from your fears at the bridge.

Annie loves to have fun, it just took her a lot of years to figure it out. She’s put behind her earlier years of whatever trauma she endured. Now as a senior, she thinks fun is barking at the squirrels for hours. I think her friend the squirrel has just as much fun. Annie still doesn’t think storms, or the 4th of July, or strangers are fun. She is happy in her comfort zone. If it is interrupted, she will take some time to regroup under my bed. She very much enjoys the beautiful weather, don’t we all!