February 19, 2016

Update February 22, 2016

My handsome Beau, my copilot, who I was so blessed to love for 3 years, left for the Rainbow Bridge late Friday evening. Beau, affectionately called “RainBeau” by my grand daughter was 15 years old. He came to BAGS when his owner’s farm was being auctioned. They diligently looked for a rescue to take Beau,and his barn mate, Jasmine, a senior Chesapeake Retriever, so they were not auctioned with the property. BAGS was glad to help. My friend Sandy Blackmon, happily gave Jasmine a forever home, and Beau came to BAGS. Beau had a bad heart and a mass in his tummy for 2 years. His heart would not have made it through surgery, so we made a pact to make each day a party. Beau went thousands of miles with me as my copilot. I never had to say it was time to go, he knew the signs and trotted to the door, always happily barking and wagging his tail…

….Plain sundaes and plain cheeseburgers from McDonald’s were usually part of the schedule. “Hi Mr. Handsome Beau” was the first thing out of the employees mouth at the drive thru. Beau got a McDonald’s gift card for Christmas, and many other gifts from his Debbie’s Dawgs senior pawtner, Christi Hale Gormican. Beau sent Aunt Christi pictures of him enjoying his ice cream! Many BAGS volunteers met Beau on transports or at BAGS fundraisers. He was affectionately known by Jessica Snider as her “boyfriend!” She adored Beau, and Beau even sent Jessica a soft blanket to snuggle with when she had surgery. Beau often showed his “grumpy old man” attitude when he would go on a transport with me to get a new brother or sister basset. He was harmless, but liked to complain. He seemed to forget that at one time he was the new kid on the block. He had plenty of bassetude! My mom, Joyce Mehl, learned when I drove her to a Dr. appointment, that a stop for a burger for Beau was on the agenda. One day he wanted to save it for later and used his nose to wrap it back up and bury it under his blanket. She always tells me “I don’t know how you do it,” but I’m proud to live my passion and have so much support behind me. Friday, Beau was with me all day. We got new license stickers for the vehicles, picked up Chinese and took to my parents. My dad just came home from the hospital and we wanted to take some supper. Mom and dad’s Sheltie puppy, Molly, is very finicky, and Beau shared some of his cheeseburger with her, and she liked it! Molly must now carry on the tradition. Beau didn’t have much taste for dog food anymore. My vet is not in favor of people food. Beau’s blood work was so great the day of his check up. Dr. Buck asked me about his appetite. I stumbled around and said, it’s not bad, but he had 2 toasted cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Dr. Buck said, “I love toasted cheese, and Beau can have whatever Beau wants at this stage of his life!” Beau had whatever Beau wanted, and I’m so happy I took the time to do that. I always put 9 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast in the crockpot before bed. In the morning, it’s ready, and I mash it and add the rice. They all get that on top of their food. Every dog has their own bowl, their own eating spot, and I know how they are feeling and who ate, who didn’t and if something is not right. Beau was on several medications. I give their meds in cheese. They all wait eagerly, but it would give Beau the heads up to turn around and head for the bedroom to become invisible. He didn’t take it eagerly, but let me put it in his mouth and he complied. Friday night, my husband brought me home a beautiful, huge arrangement of 51 roses, for my 51st birthday. Beau was standing beside me and his eyes became different and he fell over. I carried him to the couch and sat and snuggled with him. I knew he was leaving me and we talked and snuggled. Dr. Zoldak, my wonderful vet, met Gary and I at the clinic at 10:00, I didn’t want him lingering. No dog deserves to be in pain. My vets and staff are so very amazing, that one of the staff, Jamie Tolson, was driving home from Minerva and saw our vehicles and stopped to help and be with us. Beau left with 1 of my birthday roses between his handsome, chunky paws, and lots of love, tears, and kisses. Today, a basset needed BAGS, just like Beau did 3 years ago. He wasn’t in the backseat, but he was in my heart and the sunshine on my shoulders. Molly arrived at BAGS today, and I know Beau gave his woof of approval! Until we meet again, my dear RainBeau

Beau, affectionately referred to as “Rainbeau” by my 6 year old granddaughter is making each day a party! He is taking time to stop and smell the flowers, and pee on them too! Beau’s 14th birthday will be on November 20th. Beau was diagnosed with a mass in his spleen nearly a year ago. His heart would not withstand surgery, so we are making every day his birthday. His vet describes his heart beat as sounding like a washing machine off balance and a herd of galloping horses. Beau takes his Lasix and Enalapril a couple times a day. He no longer has the taste for kibble, but instead enjoys toasted cheese sandwiches, cheeseburgers made from 90% lean beef, Greek yogurt, vanilla ice cream, or whatever else excites his taste buds. His vet said at this stage of the game, Beau gets to eat what Beau wants to eat. His bloodwork is fabulous. Beau watches carefully every afternoon when I get ready to go to work which consists of a 90 minute road trip. He knows it’s mom and Beau time, and expects to accompany me. Beau lived in a barn since age 5, and we pass by that road he lived on each day. I often tell him to give that road the paw, it’s the past, and we live for today.