Meet Bessy! This pretty gal’s past hasn’t been all smiles. Bessy spent her first 11 years in an Amish puppy mill producing puppy after puppy until she had no further use. She was sold for auction Spring of 2017 and through the generosity of the basset rescue community they were able to save her at the auction. Sadly, Winnie has had limited interaction with people and as a result showed signs of fear. She would run from you if you tried to approach her and would cower in fear if you tried to touch her. Fast forward a couple months and Bessy (also known as Winnie) is loving her new life. Her foster mom is continuously impressed with how much progress she has shown. She is beginning to play with the bassets in the home, is eating well and is taking treats from her mom’s hand. There are some set backs some days, but overall she is improving with each day. Bessy is afraid of loud noises and thunderstorms so her mom is extra cautious to be sure she feels safe and secure. Due to the stress of acclimating her into another home, BAGS has asked her foster mom to be a permanent foster. Bessy is home and we believe she knows it!

Bessy is staying in St. Louis, Missouri with her foster mom Jan Marchlewski.