Buddy is enjoying soaking up the Spring sun. He doesn’t get sunburned anymore since he has a handsome and thick coat of fur. He came to BAGS with not so much hair, now I think he has the thickest coat of all of them, and he seems to be very proud of himself. Buddy had a dental this last winter and lost about as many teeth as his age, around 12, but wow does he feel like a million bucks now. He is even doing some laps around the yard. Buddy looks and feels good, but it didn’t come easy for him. His first trip to ever see a vet was when he arrived, at age 10! He is fearful no matter how pleasant we try and make it. He doesn’t show his best side at the vet, but we are making a few trips just to stop in and say “hi” and get a few treats and belly rubs to help with his fear. He thinks that is pretty good, but don’t add cleaning his ears into the picture…just yet. Buddy can do a great dance and singing routine when he is excited for meals and snacks. We are proud of how far he has come and tell him every day what a handsome man he is.