Buford is 10 years old and unpacked his bags Nov 27, 2017. He’s our new senior gentleman who arrived after being relinquished by his family. He has all our support and love as he has been brave and adjusted to the change. Buford is completely blind. He visited BAGS vet and surgery was done to remove his remaining painful eye and a mass on his back. He also had a follow-up surgery which removed 31 infected teeth. He is on the mend and enjoys dinner to be served on the couch. Our sweet gentleman has the softest blue coat, which we will closely monitor for skin issues that often affect blue bassets. We also learned from his blood work that he has kidney disease, and our vet will be doing more tests to determine how we can treat his condition. Buford is snoozing on the couch which is his favorite place to be and enjoys getting lots of hugs and kisses. We know he will soon know he is home sweet home.