November 13, 2018

Update 11/14/2018

Last night, Cali lost her battle for life. The ordeal was just too much for her old body to overcome. I am thankful that, for the last 7 days, she knew what love is. I’m thankful she knew what it was like to sleep in a soft bed. I’m thankful she knew what it was like to feel the gentle touch of Maribeth’s hands. I’m thankful she knew what it was like to have food in her tummy. I’m thankful she had medicine to ease her pain. ~ Kathi Lockhart

Meet Cali!

This is one of those stories that makes your heart hurt and is why rescue is so important. Cali (formerly known as Backstroke) a senior gal was found stuck in a pond. The shelter thought she had been in there awhile because she was freezing. Her body temperature was so low she couldn’t walk, when she tried she was going in circles as if she had a stroke. Her ears were infected and her eyes had so much infection it’s likely she will never see again. When she was found, she wouldn’t stop howling she was in so much pain.

It was obvious from her condition she had lived her life on a chain, because some of it was still attached to her collar. The shelter rushed her to the vet, thinking they would never see her again. Their vet warmed her up, gave her antibiotics and meds to make her comfortable. A few days later she had regained enough strength and the shelter was called and said she was ready to leave. She was posted seeking an immediate release to rescue and this is where BAGS came in.

It’s been just under a week and Cali is improving some, but not a lot. She has been eating chicken and rice, drinking water, but hasn’t been eating much. She has gotten sick a few times and her head is still at a tilt. Our vets think it might be vestibule, but she will need to complete her antibiotics and anti-nausea meds to see if she comes out of it in a few days. She has a follow-up vet appointment this week and will have further tests done. Sadly someone didn’t love Cali enough, but we will do our best to be sure she knows what that feels like for however long she has left. Please keep our senior gal in your thoughts.