Candy is an 8 yrs old senior gal who was rescued from a back yard breeding operation where she spent her entire life having puppies. When she arrived at BAGS in June we thought she was producing milk. To our surprise, the fluid wasn’t milk it was puss coming from her severely infected mammary chain. She underwent surgery for her spay and had a mammary chain removal. The mass was the size of a grapefruit and fortunately wasn’t malignant. Her eyes were so ulcerated she had to have entropy surgery so she didn’t go blind. She still has limited vision and our vet believes she can only see shadows due to the scarring. Her ears had Pseudomonas and are still being treated with antibiotics. Candy’s teeth are in bad shape. She will need to have dental surgery once she completes all of her antibiotics and has a chance to heal.

Candy will remain a BAGS resident. Her skin condition has caused her to have to undergo several rounds of antibiotics and expensive skin meds with weekly baths. She is under the care of our BAGS vet and has gotten better, but there have been several set backs along the way. At her age and with her reoccurring health issues we feel it is best she stay in our care.