Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed, smiling makes everything better! He loves to talk too and has such expressions. Mr. Ed is turning 5 years old. He loves his mommy, and the BAGS hounds, but it’s a challenge for him to make up with anyone. Family members are determined to win his love, but he feels like mommy’s love is all he needs! He lets them try because he gets lots of treats. He will bark and talk from afar to others, if they talk to him, he just prefers to seek a quiet place. He has been this way since he and his siblings came from a Missouri puppy mill. They all had homes, the siblings left, and Mr. Ed’s family said they didn’t want a shy dog, their last one was shy, and they weren’t going through that again. His personality has never changed. Daddy can sit near him, after 5 years, and occasionally pet him, if he doesn’t look at him. Then Mr. Ed will give daddy a smile and a growl, feeling proud of himself. Mr. Ed is happy with himself, so we accept him the way he is. Whenever a new BAGS basset arrives and likes daddy immediately, he always asks them to tell Mr. Ed that he isn’t such a bad guy! Mr. Ed always greets the new dogs with a wiggle and a smile! Everyone needs a welcoming smile!