July 26, 2015

We are brokenhearted to share that we have lost a family member. Our Frankie who we have had for 12 years made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge last Sunday. Frankie became very ill, and was hemorrhaging from a liver mass the size of a small cantaloupe. Frankie and Gary were best friends and inseparable. He came to us at 6 months old as an abuse case, used as a kickball by his family. He spent time at the humane society as evidence, where he escaped death once again. There was no room for him in the puppy room, so he was with adults, and quite a blessing, because all the puppies were euthanized from a parvo outbreak. Frankie started out as a foster. He was adopted to a family in Columbus. We all cried when he left….then he came back because he bit their child, and the mom said the child was teasing him. We always said he didn’t want to be a suburbanite, and did it to come home. He had trust issues upon returning home, but he was happy to be back. It was like a big party the night he came back. One night, Gary woke up to Frankie standing on him and licking his face. From that moment on, Gary said Frank had his forever home. Oh Frankie taught us so much! The only safe place for a loaf of bread was in the oven. He loved bread, more than anything, and a stick of butter, paper and all, was a perfect snack anytime. We went to events where he once walked down the table eating as much pizza as he could inhale in seconds, he shoplifted bones from vendors, but we did go back and pay, but most of the time his cuteness was enough payment. I think it took Gary a good 5 years to learn not to set his supper down and go to get a glass of milk. Frank had many full course meals, also many plates of burgers, since he had an art of carrying a plate of food out the doggy door. He snagged a 2 pound loaf of velveeta, foil wrap and all that I just got out to give pills. While Frank was galloping down the hall and out the dog door, I remember saying to him “you dumb moose, I hope you don’t poop for a week.!” I knew he wasn’t the dumb one, he was the smart one, who got me again!Most of all Frank was very devoted to his family, went everywhere with Gary. Gary would give the look and Frank knew he was going to the farm with dad. He had his own seat on the 4 wheeler, his own chase lounge around the campfire on our camping trips, his own queen size bed at home, loved bailing hay, could sniff and hunt and dig happily for hours if he saw a chipmunk. Our Moosey loved wrestling with the boys, loved his sisters Blossom, Rosebud, Sophie and Chloe, our original pack. The ornery sparkle in his eyes will always be imprinted on our hearts. I told him Sunday to go see his Sophie and Blossy who will be waiting for him, and walk down the middle of that fabulous buffet in the sky. We love you Frankie, Frank, Frankenstein, Moose, and thank you for being you. Until we meet again…….