Hannah is 10 years old. She came to BAGS when her family was moving and felt they couldn’t provide the life she deserved. This lovely lady is a delight! You can be certain if there is activity going on anywhere in the BAGS sanctuary, Hannah is involved. Whether it’s squirrel chasing, playing in the sandbox, this little girl keeps everyone busy.

Jan 2018 Hannah had to undergo surgery to remove a large mass on her chest, about the size of a softball and it contained unusual and angry cells. We did radio graphs and blood work immediately. The morning of surgery our vet did an ultrasound because her radio graphs were concerning when looking at her spleen and liver. She is a senior, so x-rays are a yearly protocol. Her radio graphs from a year ago looked a little bit different than the current pictures. Her ultrasound revealed her gallbladder is very enlarged and full of sludge. Her liver and spleen are fine, and that is a sigh of relief in itself. The gallbladder is what was making her radio graphs look different. Surgery proceeded and although a bit of a Frankenstein incision, the mass was completely removed. It was resting against her carotid artery, and some muscle also removed. The encouraging news is that they have ruled out deadly cancers that would have been easily recognized. Hannah is taking two medications to help clear the sludge in her gallbladder and her biopsy report came back with no cancer!! We are hopeful that Hannah will have many more years enjoying her senior friends at BAGS!