Harley “I’m so pretty!” is how Harley is feeling today! She had her sutures and staples removed today from 3 incisions. Harley had surgery on December 29th. She had 17 abscessed teeth removed and 3 masses, which are benign! Dr. Zoldak said Harley looks GREAT! Her breath is much more pleasant too! Harley came to BAGS the night before Thanksgiving. Her family left this 13 year old sweetheart at the shelter when they moved without her. You could not see Harley’s teeth on the sides of her mouth from the large amounts of tartar. We were hoping her teeth were healthy under that mess, but they were severely abscessed and infected, even breaking into pieces. Harley has been doing well with her recovery and continues on a soft diet for a couple more weeks. She has no problem enjoying chicken and rice with a side of vanilla yogurt for her afternoon snack while her brothers and sisters have their crunchy snacks. Harley has 1 more week of Doxy to treat her Lyme and Erlichia tick diseases. I think BAGS life agrees with Harley, and we are honored to have her as a family member.

Meet Harley! On the night before Thanksgiving, BAGS was thankful that a beautiful senior basset girl was rescued from a kill shelter minutes before closing in WV. Miss Harley is between 10-13 years old and was left at a shelter when her family moved. The shelter was full and desperately needed the space for other dogs and was happy to know she was being rescued. Harley enjoyed a full Thanksgiving turkey belly and is still enjoying her time at BAGS.

Harley loves to hang out with her hound dog friends relaxing in her special bed and has no problem letting everyone know that it’s her bed! She will bark as if she is saying “Mommy make them move! It’s my bed you said it was my bed!