Hi from Hercules! Hercules has his senior discount card now, it’s a good thing, because he doesn’t eat dog food, and prefers ground beef, sometimes chicken, but LOVES hot dogs (yucky). Hercules is 10 years old. Ever since his ear ablation surgery, a brain bleed, and a deadly infection that required 2 injections per day along his spine of a high powered antibiotic for a month, he stopped eating dog food. He will out wait you, and you can’t play the game with him that if he is hungry enough he will eat it….he won’t, and hasn’t for 4 years. It’s nearly impossible to give him meds. He has arthritis, and sometimes I have to syringe it, but also usually have to change my clothes, because he is like a wild alligator when it comes to medication. Hercules or maybe Houdini, not sure! Hercules still loves his runs through the pasture on the weekends with daddy and the 4 others that go. They know when daddy gives them the “wink”, quick head for the garage before the others, it’s W A L K time! Hercules is happy, and when Hercules is happy, everyone is happy! He just passed his wellness check up with flying colors, with great senior blood work!