Meet Honey!

11 yr old Honey Bunny was welcomed to BAGS when her family was no longer able to provide the medical care she needed. Upon arrival, Honey was diagnosed with a severe UTI that was causing her to urinate blood. The ultrasound reveled that her bladder was full of stones. Our vets said it was similar to to her having her own sandy beach in her bladder. Honey was on antibiotics and pain medication to help give her some relief to help pass the stones, but she was very restless and uncomfortable so surgery was recommended.

Honey was also blind in her left eye from glaucoma. It was estimated that at intake her eye was more than three times it’s normal size and causing significant discomfort. She had drops applied several times a day to help relieve the pressure but was only a short term fix. Our vets recommended that her eye be removed during her bladder surgery. If she didn’t already have enough going on she spent Wed night in an emergency vet hospital for vestibule disease(similar to vertigo in people). They felt as if stress or perhaps the pain in her eye may have triggered the illness. They are hoping once she begins healing all symptoms will clear.

Despite everything going on and the obvious pain she had been in, Honey will greet you with a tail wag and a nudge for you to pet her. Kiss her on the forehead and she will return the favor with a lick on the cheek. We are hoping once she begins to heal and feels better she will have many joyful days ahead.

Update 4/10/2018

Honey has completed her bladder stone & eye removal surgery with no issues. Her vestibule symptoms have almost completely disappeared. It is amazing after a little over a week post-op she is feeling so well. Her eating has almost returned to normal, she is no longer having accidents in the house (as long as you recognize when she needs to go out) and she is trying to play with the other dogs. Honey is currently living in a foster home in Akron Ohio. At this time Honey is not adoptable, however that may change once she full heals.