Look at my pretty June Bug! She and her sister Julie are my southern belles from Tennessee. June is blind, and has no eyes. We guess she must have had glaucoma. June and Julie were listed at between 10-12 years old when relinquished to the pound by their owner, who listed “not enough time for them.” June has learned to navigate her way around and is always, always wagging her tail. She has a huge crush on Maxwell and although she can’t see, she finds him outside and dreamily barks at him. Sometimes Maxwell sees her coming and tries to hide, but she finds him! When June first arrived, I would use treats to have her follow me and learn to navigate. She doesn’t forget. She sleeps on the couch, and when she puts her front paws on the couch for me to help her up, she barks, barks, barks, she wants her special treat. That’s the way she learned, and she’ sticking to it! June Bug is an inspiration, she is like sunshine every day!