May 2021 – June 2012

At 14 years of age, Max was being kenneled for months waiting on his family to overcome life’s challenges. When they realized their future would force Max to spend even more time kenneled, they agreed to release him to live out his senior years in a loving home.. Max happily joined BAGS and for the first several weeks enjoyed every minute of the experience. During his last week, his health deteriorated rapidly. His appetite disappeared and for Max who we called a “snack-aholic” this was abnormal. After a trip to the vet his x-ray showed cancer had spread entirely through his body and had filled his lungs. He was given a couple days or weeks tops, but there would be a lot of pain. Maribeth kindly made the decision to hold him tightly, giving him sweet kisses as he passed on to join his other friends at the Rainbow Bridge. As you can imagine it’s never easy to say good bye, but knowing at 14 yrs of age, Max got to spend his final days feeling love, playing with his hound dog friends and getting plenty of “snacks”, it was a happy ending to many months of heartache.