Maxwell is 12 years old. If the weather is to his liking, which is mostly anything but rain or snow, Maxwell faithfully rises with the sun, and heads out to his favorite places in the yard, which is either his lounge cushion in the corner of the yard, or the sandbox. He has a bird’s eye view of everything he needs to see for the day. If it’s mealtime, or 2:00pm Milkbone time, Maxwell would like room service delivered. It doesn’t matter what your schedule is, it’s about Maxwell, and yes we abide by his wishes! When the sun sets, Max announces his arrival back in the house, and requests daddy’s escort to his favorite bed. I often hear Gary telling Maxwell that he must have had a good day, is everything okay outside, and to get some sleep and have a restful night. Max’s back end is paralyzed, but he walks pain free. He seems to feel bad if he makes a mess in the house, but I always assure him, he doesn’t need to worry about that, that’s my job, he just needs to have fun.