Meet Molly! This 9 yr old gal was dropped off at a shelter when her family “separated”. Neither person wanted Molly, so while they went their separate ways she went to the dog pound. Upon arrival, the shelter saw that she had some health issues that needed to be cared for. She was producing milk, but wasn’t pregnant nor did she recently have pups. They felt she was having a false pregnancy and weren’t able to spay her or do any other surgical procedures until her milk cleared up. The shelter agreed to release her to BAGS since we specialize in cases like Molly’s and contacted our vet to confirm they would agree to continue her care.

Once Miss Molly arrived at BAGS she got the works! Her blood work came back great for a senior, she was heart worm and lyme disease negative. Yah! Her lungs are clear and there were no masses in her abdomen and no stones in her bladder! All great news! Her heart though is very, very, large. She has started on heart medicine and a daily water pill. You could actually see the fluid in the scan. The heart should take up about 45 percent of the cavity, and hers takes up 80 percent! It is pressing against her esophagus…

She has some molars way in the back that are pretty bad. She will need 30 days of Amoxicillin which will help her mouth, especially since she can’t have surgery immediately. They don’t want to do a spay for at least 6 weeks, until the hormones settle down. Hopefully the milk will dry up. Our vet also recommends the right side of the mammary chain be removed since there are a couple masses on that side. The spay and mammary chain removal can all be done at one time, and maybe even the bad molars. A surgery with her heart condition is risky, but with a heart monitor, IV fluids, and oxygen the vet feels she will do well. For now, she needs to focus on getting healthy!

Molly is really a very sweet girl. She takes everything in stride and doesn’t seem to have any issues with the other dogs. Once Molly is fully vetted and well she will be available for adoption around the April/early May time frame. Molly is house broken, crate trained and adores attention.

Molly is being fostered in the Columbus Ohio area.