June 23, 2016

Our beautiful Pwincess Polly decided it was time to bark orders from the Rainbow Bridge instead of BAGS. She started declining Sunday. I was carrying her in and out for the last few days and she would stand and get a big drink and potty. She was eating turkey, chicken, and some other favorites. Tuesday evening she couldn’t get comfortable, even with her pain meds. She wanted my hand on her all night, and Wednesday morning she was ready to be free. Keep and eye on us my Pwincess, it’s not always easy keeping order around here. I can’t imagine the bassetude going on from from the Bridge, but I know when that all familiar bark sounds, heads will turn. Thank you for your love. My eyes are still under a flood advisory, but my heart will keep you close forever.

Polly Pollywog is 11 years old. She always greets the morning with a howl, and often starts the serenades of basset chorus several times a day. Polly isn’t too active, but she does what makes her happy. She has COPD, possibly from an untreated infection in her younger years. Her lungs have scarring and she becomes out of breath if she runs or barks too much. Polly seems to be prone to bladder infections with sudden onset and then feels sick until her antibiotics kick in. Her tummy is sensitive to antibiotics and pain medicines, which makes it difficult with also having arthritis. She is taking natural supplements daily for all her medical conditions. They seem to be helping, and her tummy is happier too. Polly is such a beautiful and wise girl. We think she is very special! She loves us too, especially when there is a never ending supply of chicken and rice to top off her kibble!