October 18, 2018

On Oct 18th, 2018, Ralphie lost his battle with hemangiosarcoma. A little over 12 yrs ago, Ralphie arrived into rescue during a winter snow storm in December. He was in an Ohio kill shelter before they were closing for the Christmas holiday and barely missed a mass euthanasia, hence the name “Ralphie” from the “The Christmas Story”. In Spring of this year he underwent a splenectomy which removed a basketball-sized mass, but it was too late, biopsy results showed cancer. Despite the bad news, Ralphie enjoyed many months eating like a champ, taking walks with his friends in the pasture and snuggling with his mommy. He was fondly referred to as Ralphasarus Woofus Rex and will be forever loved and missed by Maribeth & Gary Walker


Ralphey is the one with so much to say, mostly after 10p.m. when everyone is ready for quiet time. He likes to stand in front of the refrigerator and bark hours on end. He has never learned the meaning of using his “library voice!” This is a rare photo of him, his mouth is usually wide open, just like his eyes! Dr. Buck has said for years, he acts like the donkey from Shrek in so many ways. Ralph is such a comical boy. His eyes sparkle with adventure. Ralph has always been terribly afraid of the dark. We go outside with him, if the wind blows, he is certain the pine trees are chasing him. He has to sleep with me, his head on the pillow and against the wall, or he doesn’t feel secure. He refuses to ever let me take a nap, he barks nonstop. After a recent dental surgery that I had, Ralphey was very upset at my condition, and after 3 hours of nonstop barking, he was prescribed Trazadone, so he could get some rest too, not to mention me. Ralphey is one of a kind, and we love him dearly. I’m pretty sure he thinks his name is “Ralphey Zip Your Lips” or “Ralphey Be Quiet.” Every day is an adventure with Ralphey, but then again, every day is an adventure at BAGS!