August 2017

Here’s the Queen! Rosebud is my girl who started my love for Basset Hounds. She is going to have her 13th birthday in June. She is in very good health, and we hope to keep it that way. Rosebud takes some joint supplements, and takes a drop of Lemon essential oil in a capsule every day. Rosebud had a bladder full of stones a year ago and I had a small window of time before her surgery would be scheduled. I started giving her Lemon every couple hours, and by the next day, she was passing them, right before our eyes! She gets her “lemon bomb” each day in a treat and is happy about it. Her wellness check 2 weeks ago showed a beautiful, stone-free bladder. She eats a regular diet and her special treat is ice cream, which she and I will share! She has never missed a night sleeping in my bed. All the dogs respect Rosebud, she lets them know when they walk in the door. She acts tough, but she’s a smooshy mommy’s girl!