Update 10/1/2015

SCARLETT SURGERY UPDATE: Scarlett is resting comfortably after a 3 hour surgery. I was hoping to bring her home tonight, but the vets wanted her to stay so they could monitor her and check on her during the night and do an evaluation in the morning. I had some visiting time, and packed her a lunch, because hospital food isn’t that yummy! She greeted me with kisses and enjoyed her food. She is an amazing sweetheart. Everyone loves her at the clinic! So here’s the results of her surgery. Scarlett’s eye was removed. It was not a puncture to her eyeball. This poor girl had a trauma to her head, she has a skull fracture that caused this injury to her eye. It took a good bit of time to remove large amounts of bone fragments from nerves and tissues.It will take more time to heal with extensive pain medication than a “normal” eye removal. Since nerves “criss cross” to each eye, we will hope amongst all hope that her remaining eye remains strong and healthy. Her back is also from trauma. I am posting pictures, and hope I don’t offend anyone because it can make your tummy upset. The incision on her back is so long because under her fur, there was a lot of trauma that needed cleaned up. They are totally confident her back is not cancer. The mass on her foot has been removed. They felt confident leaving her toe, and are hopeful for a benign biopsy, but results will confirm. After being under anesthesia for 3 hours, my vet said it was time to wake up this gal. She desperately needs a dental, but we will worry about that later. Thank you for all your good thoughts for our beautiful Scarlett today. I look forward to bringing her home and caring for her. I did ask what trauma might be from. They said best case scenario is possibly hit by a car, but also, maybe some one did not treat her very nice. It was definitely blunt force. One thing we do know for certain, the rest of her life will be full of love and happiness

Update 9/28/15

Welcome to BAGS Miss Scarlett! Our beautiful Scarlett arrived at BAGS on Sept 27, 2015. Scarlett has been on a journey. We are probably glad she can’t tell us about it, everyone would cry. Her battle wounds are enough to break your heart. She is the sweetest girl you would ever have the privilege of meeting. Scarlett was a stray in Missouri, and taken to the shelter. Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue made arrangements to rescue her and Scarlett was on her freedom ride. BAGS own Amy Barnes volunteered to do a leg of the transport, as well as housing Scarlett and another basset boy for a week until travel arrangements could be completed from Columbus, OH to Tri-State. Scarlett was not doing well. She had not eaten at the shelter for several days. Her eyeball has an injury and is deflated and extremely painful. She was limping from cracked toenails, and she has a large open wound on her back. Her lymph nodes on her back legs are swollen from fighting a skin infection from flea infestation. She saw a vet before travel who prescribed antibiotics, but felt that Scarlett was going to need her eye removed and had a type of cancer on her back and foot. Everyone wanted what was best for Scarlett and what was best is that she get vet care ASAP. BAGS specializes in seniors and special needs, and offered to help Scarlett. Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue allowed Scarlett to become a BAGS Basset. Scarlett was at the vet Monday, and will have surgery on Oct 1st. Her eye will be removed. She has a mass on a rear toe, the mass on her back will be removed, along with one under her front leg. The needle aspirations for a preliminary diagnosis shows angry and unkind cells in the masses. Scarlett has continued to take her antibiotics and 2 kinds of pain medication. She is now eating chicken and rice and hamburger and rice, along with yogurt for dessert. Giving her a few days of nutrition, pain medication and rest will allow for a better recovery. She is already enjoying snuggling on the couch, lots of hugs and kisses, and feeling clean and less itchy. She loves to give kisses too! Her past is behind her, and her wagging tail confirms that she is thankful for being rescued! Please keep this sweetheart in your thoughts! I look forward to waiting on her hand and paw!