Meet Sophie!

We would like to introduce our newest BAGS family member! This is Sophie, and we are so happy to welcome her to BAGS. Sophie is 11 years old and arrived Wednesday. My dear friend Diane and I drove across the state to make sure this sweetie would be indoors, warm and dry. Our Ohio weather is cold and rainy with flood warnings. Sophie was in a neglected situation. The great thing, is that a family member that cared about her so much has been diligently searching for a better life for Sophie. BAGS was contacted, and Sophie’s advocate was so happy and pleasantly surprised that we would accept her. She has been calling rescues for weeks, and because Sophie seems to be mentally slow, she wasn’t a candidate for most rescues. Most rescues, aren’t sanctuaries, where a dog can live for the rest of their lives, as a family member. I am so grateful that BAGS is here for bassets just like Sophie. Basset people and basset rescues are the best, right? We all understand this special love.

She felt Sophie has experienced a neurological episode that has caused her to be mentally slower than she used to be, she felt she had a stroke. Sophie has never seen a vet in her entire life, so we can’t be certain what happened. She said Sophie laid in the same spot for days. She was not able to walk, eat, didn’t seem coherent, and had lost her will to live. Somehow, some way, Sophie must have had an angel looking after her. She slowly regained her strength, but doesn’t seem to be the same as before she became sick. Ever since the call came in about Sophie, she was on my mind, and I wanted more than anything to get the transport arranged. Sophie was living outdoors 24/7. She was in a garage, but when the person moved, she was demoted to being chained to a doghouse. She was never without food and water, and I am grateful for this. She didn’t have a blanket or straw, and has an area on each side of her neck where her fur is rubbed off. Her advocate was so embarrassed that she stopped and bought her a new collar and a blanket. We assured her, what she had done for Sophie is priceless and will change her life, and it’s not for her to be embarrassed about. If she didn’t work long hours everyday, and live in an apartment, she would have loved to give her the home and love she deserved, but she knew it wasn’t in Sophie’s best interest. What is Sophie doing right now? She is curled up in my bed. Can you even imagine the feeling of softness and warmth? She has had a bath and we sent the past down the drain, along with all those fleas! Sophie will start her vetting in a few days. She weighed in at 29 petite pounds! We hope everything will be okay, and keeping all paws crossed that she won’t have heartworm or a tick illness, her blood work will be good, and she will come through spay surgery just fine. Enjoy her pictures, what a cutie, and check out that cute under bite. Cheers to you Sophie!